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What our customers say

Nothing says more than references of customers who already implemented and tried our solution in their factories!

“New level of HV safety”

Work safety comes first in our power tool repair process. Invanta supplied us with a system using artificial intelligence for high-voltage test workplaces. This allowed us to increase the level of security for operators when performing tests. The development and delivery of the system was carried out according to our requirements - innovatively, flexibly and with a quick response.

Tomas Hrnek

“Robotic workplace safety”

The project of autonomous securing of the workplace was a great challenge, however, the employees of the company Invanta were not afraid of it and brought the project to a successful end, despite the overall complexity and innovation of the whole solution. I praise the professional and human approach to the whole implementation. I am glad that we were able to be involved in the development of this product.

Jiri Kacan
ALFA Blades

“Intelligent monitoring system”

In industrial production, where danger lurks around every corner and workers are subject to high demands of caution and attention, intelligent monitoring systems on machines play a key role. Invanta has helped us transfer a significant portion of these requirements to its system and raise the bar of workplace security one step closer to perfection.

Petr Juras
ALFA Blades