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Possible use cases

Below you can see the examples where our system significantly increases safety in the industrial environment or close to the dangerous machines. These are just examples and the potential usage is not limited to these.

Robotic Safety

Ability to define necessary sections/areas and recognize exact presence of people or part of the human body allows us to control robots based on these situation. We can for example slow down the operational speed when the orange line is disturbed and stop the robot immediately when somebody approaches the red one.

Personal Protective Equipment check

Our safety system is able to recognize if proper personal protective equipment is in place or not. In case of significant non-compliance corresponsive action can be triggered like notification, warning sound, deactivating sources of noice, keeping machine inactive until the proper PPE is place etc.

Faint Detection

Faint and injury is very dangerous situations especially in the confusing areas like warehouses and industrial factories. Ability to recognize that something went wrong and trigger fast reaction by alerting responsible personnel has direct impact to potential aftermath or survival.

High Voltage testing
workplace protection

Our system provides high level of safety also in the high voltage testing workplaces, where we are able to recognize if only authorized person is using these dangerous testers and that nobody else is in the proximity of the test itself to prevent fatal accidents caused by HV.

Pallet Positions Monitoring

Our sensor improves AGV efficiency and routes optimization. System provides better control of AGVs through the recognition of material waiting for the transport, free pallet positions and real-time data availability.

More information on monitoring and safety of pallet locations.

And many more

One of the biggest benefits of our system is its ability to be easily customized based on the new scenarios. If you didn’t find yours, please do not hesitate to contact us.