Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy Generator Monitoring and safety of pallet locations by invanta system

Monitoring and safety of pallet locations

Our sensor improves AGV efficiency and routes optimization
System provides better control of AGVs through the recognition of material waiting for the transport, free pallet positions and real-time data availability

You can get the following improvements


Intralogistics optimization to maximize transportation efficiency.

Battery life

Much better battery energy management thanks to the unnecessary drive elimination.


Significantly lower AGV corridors saturation by its presence just to observe the pallet positions unnecessarily.

Pallet Positions Control

Automatic detection of empty places for material placement and subsequent recognition of material awaiting transport.

Major benefits of our system

Compared to the autonomous mode:  

  • Ability to proactively recognize material/pallets waiting to be transported
  • Recognition of free pallet slots to reduce unnecessary transports
  • Real time communication with the AGV control system
  • Battery energy preservation by elimination of exploratory drives
  • Significantly increased safety by elimination of unnecessary drives and collisions
  • Rapidly increased efficiency and productivity by constant data distribution
  • Strong AGV wear reduction and extended lifespan