Discover our safety box

All-in-box we developed contains everything that is needed for the fast video analysis, recognition of unusual situations and fast reaction processed by digital signals.

Wide Angle Camera

Embedded camera ensure fast and clear video stream and perfect coverage.

Computing Unit

Small and high performing optimized for AI functions and image processing.

Artificial Inteligence

Neural network provides reliable real-time video analysis and image recognition.

Passive cooling

Fanless design enables dust-proof construction of the box suitable for industrial environment.

Electronic module

Ability to provide 24V digital signals or ethernet communication with safety PLC.

Variable Console

Allows mounting on the wall, ceiling
or horizontal surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions we are getting. If you didn't find an answer or need more detailed information about our product, plese do not hesitate to contact us via the form above.

Is the AI safety system reliable?

Based on the detailed testing it was proved that our AI system works perfectly. On top of that it is also covering situations which cannot be detected by laser scanners or protected by fences.

How do you communicate with machines?

The most common is direct communication via 24V digital signals however we do also ethernet communication and able to cover the most of the industrial standard protocols.