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June 17th, 2023
2 min read

Enhancing Workspace Safety: Exploring Invanta's Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision technology plays a fundamental role in ensuring the security and safety of workspaces. This technology enables real-time analysis of the environment, allowing for the detection of specific situations and potential risks. It does this by utilizing cameras and sophisticated image processing techniques.

At Invanta, we have collaborated with top businesses to put in place an exceptionally effective strategy that puts workplace safety first when using robots, AGVs, or other machinery equipment. We have been able to use this method to partially automate employee safety, reducing risks and averting mishaps during routine operations.

Our devices include an integrated artificial vision system that allows us to detect the presence of people in high-risk areas from various angles and positions. As a result, we can take immediate action within the automated processes that are in place.

To achieve this level of accuracy, the neural network model has been trained with over 100,000 images. This extensive training dataset ensures that the model can accurately extract and identify the characteristic patterns of a person, enabling it to identify individuals in diverse environments with a high level of certainty.

Our commitment to safety, however, extends beyond simply identifying people. In keeping with our commitment to workplace safety, we have developed capabilities for detecting and recognizing personal protective equipment (PPE). This entailed gathering, labeling, and organizing thousands of images in order to train an object detection model that produces truthful results. The rigorous process of optimizing variables throughout this training ensures that our new model is accurate and effective.

These advancements in computer vision technology significantly broaden Invanta's safety capabilities. We are now able to investigate new applications and functionalities within our company, thereby improving worker safety and increasing productivity. The improved accuracy of our model also means that we can provide more reliable data and insights to our clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

We are establishing the way for a safer and more secure future with Invanta's innovative approach to workplace safety, which leverages cutting-edge computer vision technology. Our dedication to safety excellence drives us as we explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of workplace security.

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